Gimme 5!

APPX Software offers a helping hand with your upgrade to Release 5.0

Why upgrade to APPX 5.0?

The long-awaited release of APPX 5.0 offers many new features and capabilities that will enhance your system for everyone – users, designers, administrators, etc. From instant access to additional sessions to multiple display support, from new ILF statements to Source Code Control, from updated database interfaces to new management tools, APPX 5.0 contains everything that a significant major release should have. And, as a supported APPX customer, you’re entitled to this release without any additional license fees.

OK, I’m in, gimme 5! Can it be made fast and painless?

We are proud to introduce APPX Upgrade Services, to help our North American customers get to APPX 5.0 as quickly and smoothly as possible. Let APPX Software personnel give you a hand to make sure that the new software version is installed correctly, functions properly, and connects with all the pieces of your system that you rely on.

What will APPX Upgrade Services do for me?

First, we’ll walk you through a survey, so that we understand exactly what your installation is comprised of, and what steps will need to be taken to upgrade to APPX 5.0. Then, we’ll prepare a quote for you for the upgrade. We may also make recommendations for fine-tuning your system, cleaning up files and settings, etc.

And the end result?

When the system review and upgrade are complete, all you’ll need to do is move the new version into place over your existing system, and you will be up and running.

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