APPX Server SUN Solaris 5.5.1

APPX Release 5.5.1

Release Date: July 27, 2020


Installation of APPX 5.5.1 is accomplished through the APPX Install Script, downloadable through the link provided below. It is highly recommended that the Installation Instructions be followed precisely in order to accomplish a complete and correct installation.

Important: The SSL encryption in 5.5.1 is NOT compatible with versions earlier than 5.4.4.c. You must either explicitly disable SSL completely on older clients, or force the login manager to use the old certificates. The Installation Instructions have more information.

As with all new software releases, it is recommended practice to install, run, and thoroughly test the new release in a test environment, before replacing your current live system. And, of course, complete backups prior to any software upgrade are always a good idea.

*** Minimum System Requirements: Solaris SunOS 5.8.


An APPX Version 5 License Key (registration) is required. Supported customers should contact their APPX Resellers or APPX Software, Inc., to obtain a new License Key at no charge.
Release Notes - Bug Fixes
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APPX Install Script - Sun Solaris
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Prior Releases

An archive of prior releases of APPX for Sun Solaris.