APPX 5.5.1 Patches

You can find a list of patches for release 5.5.1 below. Each patch has a list of bugs that it fixes and instruction on how to apply it to your current installation of 5.5.1. Make sure that you have a backup before applying the patch.


Patch A                                     Auguest 9, 2021

This patch fixes the following bugs:


To apply this patch do the following:

  1. Make sure no one is using APPX.
  2. Kill the APPX license server process.
  3. Make a backup of APPX.
  4. Copy "appx" (or "Appx.exe" on windows) from the patch folder to your APPX installation directory. 
  5. Set the appropriate permission for the newly copied file.
  6. Run appx, check the version and make sure that it is the new version.


APPX 5.5.1a - Windows
APPX 5.5.1a - Linux
APPX 5.5.1a - AIX
APPX 5.5.1a - HPIA
APPX 5.5.1a - Solaris