Reseller Opportunities

Sell, Design, Train, Customize, Consult, EARN

APPX Software, Inc. is looking to expand our reseller network, and we offer Value Added Resellers excellent opportunities to generate revenue. 

APPX is the Premier Development and Runtime Environment for Business Application Software, and our resellers are busy and profitable. As an APPX VAR, you earn generous margins on license sales and annual maintenance renewals, and you keep all of what you bill for client consulting, programming, and training.

APPX VARs are free to sell and support customers in any geographic area – there are no territorial limits or exclusives. Combine that fact with the multiple platforms that APPX supports, and you can see that the potential customer base is almost limitless!

For a modest annual VAR Fee, APPX resellers receive free software licenses for in-house, development, and demonstration use, unlimited technical support from APPX support staff, free admission to regularly scheduled APPX training classes for you and your employees (on a space-available basis), and much more. APPX supports its resellers’ promotional efforts with co-op advertising funds and lead referrals, and with APPX’s own advertising and promotional activities.

Annual conferences give VARs a chance to learn what is new and what’s on the horizon, and to network with other VARs from North America and around the world. Every two years, APPX sponsors a larger conference for customers, users, and resellers, an event that leaves everyone charged up and excited.

APPX Software, Inc. is committed to providing the best application development tool on the market. We have 25 years of experience in doing that, and no other product can do what APPX can do. APPX allows you to design your applications on one platform, and deploy them on many, without changing one line of code. APPX allows you to develop your applications in one language (English, perhaps), and have the screens and reports automatically presented in one or more other languages (Spanish? French? Pig Latin?), based on user preference or location. APPX stores data in its own highly-efficient APPX-IO relational database, but can just as easily store and manipulate data in an Oracle or Sybase or SQL-Server table. APPX cuts development time dramatically, with its specification-driven design environment and true 4GL capability. And its proven “Design & Run” technology means that you and your customers are never locked into obsolete code, or forced to define every aspect of a project in advance, or accept anything less than the perfect solution!

If you’re committed to providing efficient solutions to your customers’ application challenges, talk to APPX about the opportunities that are available for new resellers. Discover how APPX helps create satisfied, loyal customers and productive, in-demand VARs.

For more information, contact us at, or phone 1-800-TRY-APPX (1-800-879-2779) or 1-904-880-5560.