APPX Desktop Products 6.0.0




APPX Release 6.0.0

Release Date: March 9 , 2018


The products listed on this page are used when connecting a desktop client computer to a server where APPX is installed and licensed. In a single-user installation, the appropriate Server Release should be installed first, followed by these optional add-on products.




APPX Desktop Client

The APPX Desktop Client is the standard desktop connection to APPX. Select the appropriate download for your desktop operating system. Note that we no longer require different Windows clients for 32 bit or 64 bit versions of Windows. 


Linux 32 bit

Linux 64 bit

OS X 64 bit



APPX Desktop Client Delivered Via Java Web Start

Using Java Web Start technology, the APPX Desktop Client can be deployed from a web server with a single click over the network. Java Web Start helps ensure the most current version of the APPX Desktop Client will be deployed, as well as the correct version of the Java Runtime Environment (JRE). Read More.

Windows Servers


Linux/Unix Servers




The APPX HTML Client is an alternative way to connect to an Appx server. 

Installation Instructions
Features/Bug Fixes
Web Server File (All Platforms)
APPX Server Connector (All Platforms)



For additional information, supported customers at silver level or above may contact

Prior Releases

An archive of prior releases of APPX Desktop Products.


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