Pre-Release Software - 5.4.2



The products on this page are made available for APPX customers and resellers who wish to experiment with the latest versions prior to their official release. These should be considered as "beta release" software, with no warranty expressed or implied. Therefore, APPX Software, Inc. recommends that these versions not be installed in live, production systems, but rather in self-contained test environments. We greatly appreciate any feedback that testers can provide.

General Instructions

Installation of APPX 5.4 is accomplished through the APPX Installer, downloadable through the links provided below. It is highly recommended that the Installation Instructions be followed precisely in order to accomplish a complete and correct installation.

An APPX Version 5 License Key (registration) is required. Supported customers who do not already have a Version 5 License should contact their APPX Resellers or APPX Software, Inc., to obtain a new License Key at no charge.

NOTE: Upgrading from earlier versions of APPX (version 4.x) requires the use of the Upgrade Utility provided below, before installation of APPX 5.4. The upgrade utility is designed for APPX Release 4.2.a only, and must be installed in that version. If you are running an earlier version of APPX, please go to the download page for your platform, navigate to the "Prior Releases" link at the bottom of that page, and download and install APPX 4.2.a before proceeding with the upgrade to APPX 5.2.

FOR THOSE UPGRADING FROM APPX 5.0.0, 5.0.1, OR APPX 5.0.2, please see the special instructions here.


To assist us in testing this release, log on to and use the 'Find a Bug' link to list all the bugs in Version 5.4 in Project 'Appx Design & Runtime'. Anything with a status of 'In Testing' is a patch that needs to be tested. If the patch does not test successfully, please email '' with the details of your test.

The HTML client has it's own section in Bugtracker, Project 'HTML Client'. Please refer to this project for the latest status of the client.

Email '' if you have questions, problems, or you want to report a problem.



Current Pre Release Patch Level = 5.4.2 Final Release Candidate


IMPORTANT: An APPX Version 5 License Key (registration) is required. Supported customers should contact their APPX Resellers or APPX Software, Inc., to obtain a new License Key at no charge.
Features/Bug Fixes
Installation Instructions
APPX Installer - Windows (32/64 bit)

APPX Install Script - HP PA Risc
APPX Install Script - HP Itanium
APPX Install Script - AIX
APPX Install Script - Sun Solaris
APPX Install Script - Linux 32 bit
APPX Install Script - Linux 64 bit
APPX Desktop Client

The APPX Desktop Client is the standard desktop connection to APPX. Select the appropriate download for your desktop operating system.

Windows® 32/64 bit


Linux 32 bit

Linux 64 bit


OS X 64 bit


APPX/ODBC Server (for Windows only)

This optional product allows Windows application clients (such as DI-Diver, Microsoft Excel®, Microsoft Access®, and Crystal Reports) to view and operate upon AppxIO datafiles. Further information and instructions on using APPX/ODBC are available here.

Effective with APPX Version 5, AppxODBC requires 3 components to work now: the APPX FMS Server (which is part of the APPX Engine), the APPX ODBC Data Gateway (aka AppxODBC Server), and the APPX ODBC Driver with ASQL tool. Download those two components below, and refer to specific installation instructions here.



AppxODBC Server

AppxODBC Driver
with ASQL Tool

AppxODBC Driver
without ASQL Tool


APPX HTML Client - 5.4.2.b26

The APPX HTML Client is an alternative way to connect to an Appx server. Select the appropriate download for your web server operating system.

Installation Instructions
Web Server File (All Platforms)
APPX Server Connector - Linux based Web Servers (32 bit)
APPX Server Connector - Linux based Web Server (64 bit)
APPX Server Connector - Windows based Web Server (32 /64 bit)
For additional information, supported customers at silver level or above may contact
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