APPX Server HP/UX 6.0.0




APPX Release 6.0.0

Release Date: April 16, 2018





NOTE: Upgrading to APPX 6.0.0 from earlier versions of APPX require the use of the Upgrade Utility provided below. The upgrade utility is designed for APPX Release 5.4.5 and higher only, and must be installed in that version. If you are running a version of APPX prior to 5.4.5, please use the "Prior Releases" link below to download and install APPX 5.4.5 before proceeding with the upgrade to APPX 6.0.0.

Important: The SSL encryption in 6.0.0 is NOT compatible with earlier versions. You must either explicitly disable SSL completely on older clients, or force the login manager to use the old certificates. The Installation Instructions have more information.

As with all new software releases, it is recommended practice to install, run, and thoroughly test the new release in a test environment, before replacing your current live system. And, of course, complete backups prior to any software upgrade are always a good idea.

*** Minimum Operating System Requirement for Itanium: B.11.23


Release Notes - Bug Fixes
Installation Instructions
APPX Install Script - HP Itanium
Upgrade Utility from APPX 5.4.5 - Itanium



For additional information, supported customers at silver level or above may contact
Prior Releases

An archive of prior releases of APPX for Hewlett Packard platforms.