Additional Services

APPX Software does more than program, tune, and upgrade. There are a variety of additional services that may be of use to your organization. We would be pleased to assist you with any of these services to make your APPX installation better.
Report Creation

Do you need additional reports, or a refresh to the look of your reports? We will develop any reports you may need in a timely and cost efficient way. Since report creation has been enhanced in APPX R5, that may be a catalyst to modernizing your reports.


Do your clients want additional ways to access information? We can develop new inquiries for you that will answer that need.

Website Integration

Have you wanted to integrate your APPX applications with your website? We have done this for a number of clients and it is a great way to make your data available without the need for an APPX client. APPX integrated with a website provides the type of device independent access that many users demand.

Remote Access

Do you need to give applications access to users across a wide range of devices? Remote Access can make that happen.

Business Graphics

Are you interested in developing a business dashboard? Do you need to integrate graphics results in your reports? The new Business Graphics module will allow you to build a variety of charts and graphs into APPX applications and reports. Now is the time to start designing and we can help you with the process.

Open Source

We are using a number of Open Source products to enhance the capabilities of APPX Software and to provide additional value to our products. These include Solr search, Redmine Project tracking and management, and Drupal for website development. We can assist you with installation and initial configuration of these tools. They can save you significant time and money with real flexibility and ease of management.

Cloud Computing

Have you considered offering your application(s) without a local infrastructure? We can help determine if this is the right move for you, and even provide services to host your applications using Amazon Web Services. Our experience will be of benefit to you.

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