The APPX Advantage

The APPX Advantage is derived from a combination of several important factors. All open source business management and accounting packages are free. However, there are many other factors in addition to license fees that need to be considered when evaluating a business accounting package. Choosing the accounting package that is best for your business can be a daunting task.

  • Adaptability - Everyone knows that open source software is free. But, as the name implies, the most important aspect of open source software is that the source code is also available and free. Having access to the source code means that you can customize the software to meet the exact needs of your business. Most commercially licensed software products do not include access to the source code. All open source software includes access to the source code. But, having access to the source code does not give you an advantage unless you are able to easily modify the source code to provide your business with new features and capabilities. The APPX Utility gives you the capability to modify your business applications quickly and easily. Most open source accounting packages are written in traditional programming languages such as C, Perl, or PHP. However, business software that has been developed with these languages cannot be easily modified and enhanced except by trained, experienced programmers and, even then, it frequently is a time-consuming, expensive process. Applications that have been developed with APPX can be readily modified and enhanced to meet the exact needs of your business! In fact, with the APPX Utility, many of our customers are able to modify their business application software without utilizing the services of professional programmers.
  • Support - The availability of good support is a factor that must be considered when choosing an open source accounting package. Is support available from an established, qualified source? Is support available when you need it? Is support available at a reasonable cost? The advantages of support from APPX Software are unmatched. APPX offers a variety of cost-effective, annual premium support options designed to meet the needs of most any business or, if you prefer, support is always available on a per-incident basis.
  • Experience - APPX Software was incorporated in 1988. Many of our staff members have been developing, deploying, and supporting business application software for over 25 years. Businesses all around the world, both small and large, rely on our software and our premium support.