Bronze Level Support

By maintaining annual APPX Bronze Level Support, customers are provided with ongoing Software Update Coverage, which ensures that they will have access to the latest versions, releases, and patches, and are able to use the latest tools to enhance their applications for the benefit of their users.
At the same time, these customers protect their software investment by guaranteeing its compatibility with up-to-date hardware and other software products. And the innovative design of the APPX runtime environment allows applications to automatically inherit new functionality with each new release of APPX. As enhancements are made available and occasional bugs discovered and fixed, customers can integrate those updates only by downloading the newest copy of APPX.
Additionally, all supported customers have access to the Online Customer Support System to obtain emergency licenses in the event of a system-down emergency situation, and are entitled to membership in the APPX Support mail list, and have 24/7 access to the APPX Bug Tracker Database (formerly ECR System), a repository of enhancement requests and bug reports for APPX developers and users.
Customers whose Bronze Level Support has lapsed may reinstate their annual coverage, or may purchase a Per Incident Software Update to get the latest software versions. Contact your APPX reseller, or APPX Software, Inc., for specific pricing for your situation.
Maintenance expiration dates are shown on your APPX License Key, alongside product code MNT. Any version of APPX with a later release date than the expiration of maintenance will not run.
Further details:

  • Bronze Level Support is provided at no charge during the first 90 days after the License Effective Date for a new License or Per Incident Software Update.
  • If annual support on a new License is purchased at a higher level, the initial 90 days will also be at that higher level.
  • All maintenance fees must be fully paid in advance of the coverage period.
  • During the coverage period, customers are entitled to receive new published versions, releases and patches of the covered software and a copy of updates to documentation without charge.
  • APPX reserves the right to decline to provide patches or bug fixes for any but the current release.
  • Assistance with installation of software updates is not included.
  • Software updates are made available for electronic download via the Internet. Customers requiring updates on physical media will incur a nominal charge for media and shipping.
  • Bronze Level Support coverage that has lapsed may be reinstated within 90 days after expiration by payment of the annual fees.
  • For customers not subscribing to an annual support plan, Per Incident Software Updates may be purchased in order to receive new versions, releases, or patches.