The APPX Vision

The natural order of things.

A company hums with the composed efficiency of a well-oiled machine. Synergy reigns. All conceivable options are deliberated, impact assessed, responses determined. Strategic objectives are systematically defined, tactics probed, procedures adopted, plans made.

Then the phone rings.

In the space of a nanosecond, you're off in another direction. Because in business, the natural order of things is no order at all. In the real world, you're continually challenged to innovate, differentiate, improve quality, and enhance efficiency. While you wrestle with timing, minimize risk, control implementation, and divert resources. So you acquire MIS hardware, software, and manpower.

But there's a bug in the system.

Most software assumes you operate in a theoretical, orderly environment where business requirements are cast in stone. As a result, most programmers are forced to construct complex, rigid programs that resist change.
Still change happens. And when it does, instead of becoming a strategic weapon, MIS becomes a bottleneck. Requests are backlogged for man-years. Frustration sets in. You're forced to adjust your business to your software. And competitive advantages could be lost.

Unless you've discovered APPX.

The APPX design environment represents a paradigm shift in applications development. It's software for the way business really works. With APPX, your MIS staff can quickly and easily create applications that can keep pace with your evolving requirements. Enhancements that would take conventional programmers weeks or months can be accomplished with APPX in minutes.

APPX frees your programmers to spend a lot more time focusing on your business and a lot less on number crunching. In fact, by automatically accomplishing repetitive data-processing functions, APPX does away with 90-95% of the code in a typical COBOL program. Just as important, it transforms your MIS staff into vital business engineers who can attend to your company's needs instead of your software's.

For the first time, applications can be an integral part of your quest for continuous improvement. Through the constant, incremental change APPX makes possible, your systems will become more effective over time. And as new technologies become available, your applications can take advantage of them.

APPX allows you to design & run.

All of a sudden, everyone will speak MIS. With the jargon of data processing virtually eliminated, APPX builds bridges to every department within your company. You will have MIS, finance and marketing, manufacturing and sales exchanging ideas, and creating and changing applications together.

Imagine the efficiency. The group orientation to tasks that you've always wanted becomes possible with APPX. In fact, APPX maximizes productivity throughout every step of your company's operations. And overall, APPX improves your ability to maintain costs and monitor quality.

Your start up time will be less than you imagined. Once your company is using APPX, you won't know how you managed without it. Remember the first time you logged on to a personal computer or sent a fax? You'll get the same feeling with APPX.

See for yourself. Demo APPX. Take it for a spin. Solve a business problem. And gain a competitive advantage.

It's the new natural order of business.