Supported Hardware Platforms


APPX is a true multi-platform environment. Applications developed on one platform can be deployed on any other platform without rewriting a single line of code! In other words, your business applications are 100% portable across all supported platforms.

Currently Supported Platforms

  • HP 9000 series RISC processors running HPUX
  • HP Itanium servers running HPUX 
  • IBM RS/6000 RISC processors running AIX
  • Sun SparcStations running Solaris
  • Intel processors running Linux (most popular Linux distributions)
  • Intel processors running Windows®, Windows XP®, Windows Server 2003®, Windows 2000®, Windows NT®, or Windows 98® 

Discontinued Platforms

  • Intel processors running SCO unix
  • Data General Intel running DGUX
  • NCR Intel processors running Unix



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