Our Mission

APPX Software, Inc. is committed to providing businesses with dynamic business application software and innovative software tools for developing, deploying, and maintaining business application software. Our mission is to provide our customers with software products that facilitate the creation of a significant competitive advantage.

We believe that business application software should do more than simple accounting functions. We believe that business application software should provide a significant competitive advantage. This can only be accomplished if the software can be adapted to the specific needs of the business. We believe that business software should facilitate the implemention of corporate policy and business plans. Business software should allow a company to quickly respond to ever-changing market conditions and business requirements of conducting business in the technology age. Software should be responsive to the needs of the organization. Business applications developed with APPX meet this standard.

APPX enables a company to quickly develop and deploy full-featured business applications that are readily extensible and easily maintainable thereby providing a significant competitive advantage.