What is APPX?

APPX is a state-of-the-art, platform-independent, database-independent Rapid Application Development (RAD) and runtime environment that is unsurpassed for the design and deployment of business application software.

The APPX Vision

The APPX design environment represents a paradigm shift in applications development. It's software for the way business really works. With APPX, your MIS staff can quickly and easily create applications that can keep pace with your evolving requirements.

Supported Hardware Platforms

APPX is a true multi-platform environment that runs on a wide variety of popular computing platforms. Applications developed on one platform can be deployed on any other platform without rewriting a single line of code!

Application Design

With APPX, you will build better applications in less time than you ever imagined. You design your application by entering your specifications and APPX does the rest.

Runtime Environment

Write it in APPX then run it in APPX! APPX is also your application runtime environment.

RDBMS Interfaces

APPX provides integration with a wide variety of of database products, allowing rapid creation and use of data in the most advanced database technology.

ISAM Interfaces

APPX includes APPXIO, a powerful indexed file access method. But, APPX can also interface with other popular indexed file access methods.

Client/Server Model

APPX utilizes a Client/Server computing model. APPX supports many different types of desktop environments and clients. The APPX Connection Manager is the key to accessing APPX regardless of whether the client is Windows® or Linux, local or remote.


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