APPX Server 4.0.5 Release Notes


  • Change All References of a File could give strange results as far as changing the File itself (not the references to it), if both the "From File" and the "To File" already existed. The File Name itself will now only be changed if both of the following conditions are met: (#4815)
    • From App Id & To App Id must both be equal to the Source App Id.
    • The To File must not already exist.


  • The Query process generated by the SQL application contains ILF code in the PRE USER SELECT event point for "Calculations" defined in the SQL query. This ILF code was missing the OVERFLOW statement necessary to handle overflow situations and could thus result in the Query process crashing rather than handling the overflow. This problem is corrected in release 2.1 of the APPX SQL application, which is distributed with 4.0.5. (#4795)