APPX Server 4.2.5 Release Notes

The APPX 4.2.5 Patch Release addresses more than 320 previously reported bugs. They are divided into the categories listed below. Click on each category to review the related bugs. For additional detail on any bug, APPX resellers and supported customers may refer to the BugTracker System.

In addition to the categories, this release also contains one new feature ("Shrink to Fit Content" widget attribute) and one new known bug (PDF output doesn't support multiple appearance fields). Links to those items appear at the bottom of the list.

Important Notes Concerning Release 4.2.5

  1. Upgrading to APPX 4.2.5 from any prior release will require that you scratch and re-create the design structure files in all applications, and run the Sync Widget Elements utility thereafter. Refer to the Installation Instructions for further information.
  2. Single-file import/export, which worked in previous versions, is temporarily non-functional in APPX 4.2.5 (fixed in 4.2.6). Additionally, import/export should never be used across versions - exporting from a prior version and attempting to import into 4.2.5 is likely to result in severe data corruption.
  3. APPX 4.2.5 is the first release to include support of the HP Itanium processors. Files may be downloaded from the HP Download page.
  4. Please also note that blank line compression and float spaces are now fully functional in both PDF and text outputs.
APPX/Net (1 bug)
Connection Manager (3 bugs)
Database Management (1 bug)
Design - General (16 bugs)
Design - Cross Ref. (3 bugs)
Design - DD (3 bugs)
Design - ILF Editor (10 bugs)
Design - Image Editor (18 bugs)
Design - Processes (31 bugs)
Design - Tech Doc (5 bugs)
Design - Transfer (4 bugs)
Design - Utilities (4 bugs)
Design File Management (4 bugs)
DISAM (2 bugs)
Documentation - 0-Apps (4 bugs)
GUI - 0-Apps (1 bug)
ILF Interactive Debugger (2 bugs)
Install/Uninstall (1 bug)
Java Client (27 bugs)
Kit Build (3 bugs)
ODBC Interface (Windows®) (1 bug)
RDBMS Interfaces (2 bugs)
ReportWriter (SQL) (9 bugs)
Runtime - 0-Apps (15 bugs)
Runtime - APPX Engine (41 bugs)
Runtime - PDF Output (91 bugs)
Runtime - Proc Compiler (1 bug)
System Administration (8 bugs)
User interface (8 bugs)
Winprint (1 bug)
New Widget Attribute - Shrink to Fit Content
Known Bug - Appearances in PDF Output


APPX/Net (1 bug)

Bugs Addressed in APPX 4.2.5 Relating to APPX/Net

Bug #1327: APPX/Net causes Bus Error - Itanium to Windows®


Connection Manager (3 bugs)

Bugs Addressed in APPX 4.2.5 Relating to Connection Manager

Bug #652: Appxdsvc command does not set environment variables
Bug #743: AppxdSvc Always Logs
Bug #1229: Default TCPNoDelay to True


Database Management (1 bug)

Bugs Addressed in APPX 4.2.5 Relating to Database Management

Bug #885: Screens > 21 rows - Database Management


Design - General (16 bugs)

Bugs Addressed in APPX 4.2.5 Relating to Design - General

Bug #11: Scrolling problem - records duplicated
Bug #462: Can't Opt 99 from drill down
Bug #463: Toolbox active but no Visual Cue
Bug #570: Lockout after viewing ILF in Inquire Mode
Bug #712: Wrong abbreviation for ID
Bug #764: Invoking process w/o database ID acts unexpectedly
Bug #809: Scan starts at original field name, not current field
Bug #882: 0SA APPL ALLOW DESIGN - No longer works
Bug #884: REFRESH TEMP 80 is broke
Bug #1087: 0apps cursor in wrong place
Bug #1129: Duplicate keyboard shortcuts
Bug #1142: Hot key duplicated in Application Design on Inquiry
Bug #1167: Default mode inconsistent
Bug #1171: Warning message on User Selections not clear
Bug #1226: Wrong DD processed after running FILES EDIT
Bug #1371: Tool tip incorrect on Switch Apps button


Design - Cross Ref. (3 bugs)

Bugs Addressed in APPX 4.2.5 Relating to Design - Cross Ref.

Bug #1016: Cross reference - Load All Applications is missing
Bug #1017: Cross Refence - Applications to Search
Bug #1049: Field/Domain X-ref incomplete


Design - DD (3 bugs)

Bugs Addressed in APPX 4.2.5 Relating to Design - DD

Bug #14: DD changes are not always processed
Bug #1177: Initial Value problem with Logic Domains
Bug #1242: Domains maintenance needs work


Design - ILF Editor (10 bugs)

Bugs Addressed in APPX 4.2.5 Relating to Design - ILF Editor

Bug #410: Paste ILF Code
Bug #619: One-Rec File asking for Key
Bug #647: Java Client - Pick Up and Put Down doesn't work in ILF editor
Bug #873: Paste ILF code doesn't always work
Bug #914: Scanning on field name too restrictive
Bug #951: XCOPY - Ugly Screen > 21 rows
Bug #996: File Names not available to scan from READ stmt
Bug #1174: ILF Editor give bogus warning on GOSUB
Bug #1178: Seg Fault in ILF Editor
Bug #1203: Pasting an invalid application ID causes ILF editor to crash


Design - Image Editor (18 bugs)

Bugs Addressed in APPX 4.2.5 Relating to Design - Image Editor

Bug #198: LABEL Icon Position display can vary with icon size
Bug #613: Touching field disappears
Bug #729: Show Object Bounds compresses spaces from row text
Bug #775: Image Editor Toolbox should use Optional Children terminology
Bug #778: Image Editor Toolbox Rules Option problem for Menu/Input
Bug #779: Image Editor Toolbox Rules Option problem for Inquiry
Bug #780: Image Editor Toolbox Rules Option problem for Output
Bug #781: APPX Data Palette does not list any items
Bug #928: Field labels should default to Transparent=Y
Bug #954: Field label won't behave in IE
Bug #959: OIE deletes field, GUI attributes
Bug #979: Changing modes in GUI Attributes causes c-assert
Bug #1090: Java Scan on App ID in Image Editor
Bug #1216: Unexpected error message in output process design
Bug #1243: Can't remove all GUI attributes in Output process
Bug #1247: Text Area widgets should default Transparent = Y
Bug #1332: Icon Position value is truncated on Label Properties screen
Bug #1380: Odd behavior after changing font for alpha label widget on output image


Design - Processes (31 bugs)

Bugs Addressed in APPX 4.2.5 Relating to Design - Processes

Bug #302: New Page B4/After editable on PAGE-START & END?
Bug #388: Cosmetic Query Process Level display bug
Bug #776: Optional children can be added to Output/Inquiry processes
Bug #777: Empty Job Steps or Automatic Children
Bug #825: Label GUI Attribute
Bug #922: Selection Expression button not highlighted
Bug #931: Option Number Off Display
Bug #943: Use Query default name is stripped of leading spaces
Bug #961: ILF and Image Changes do not flush EM/Dbg
Bug #964: Add'l Attributes on Optional Children do not work at Entry Level 0
Bug #1014: Auto Update
Bug #1019: Application not modifiable in Query (SortOrder,UserSelection....)
Bug #1118: Process Management during Add Mode Entry Level 1
Bug #1121: AA indicator not lit when needed on Inquiry image
Bug #1126: Query Em doesn't get rebuilt
Bug #1154: Relation field chopped off in Query Selection Entry
Bug #1158: Duplciate Alt-hotkeys in App Design
Bug #1199: Child specs need tighter edits
Bug #1208: Output frame level buttons do not display
Bug #1211: Optional children could be added to a "display-only" input frame
Bug #1218: 'Display Only?' flag unexpectedly set to 'N'
Bug #1227: Cannot set Multiple Image flag in Output Image Editor
Bug #1231: ILF Code can be lost
Bug #1262: Changing an output image number erases the Rules indicator
Bug #1277: Cursor not positioned on image description when adding new output image
Bug #1289: Changes to INQUIRY process do not trigger Em rebuild
Bug #1302: Frame Size can be reduced despite presence of widgets on image
Bug #1333: Inquiry KEY ENTRY frame Rules does not highlight End of Process
Bug #1360: Two buttons have the same shortcut
Bug #1394: OC attribute 'Auto Update' not modifiable
Bug #1408: Enduser Selection Button Mismatch


Design - Tech Doc (5 bugs)

Bugs Addressed in APPX 4.2.5 Relating to Design - Tech Doc

Bug #918: Unable to print Tech Doc for File Level Event Points
Bug #1120: Tech Doc prints two sets of Widget Attributes
Bug #1149: Tech Doc does not always print Transparent flag
Bug #1188: Occurrence number not printed for item widget in Tech Doc
Bug #1212: Tech Doc does not print Auto-Total Type or Extra Digits Left


Design - Transfer (4 bugs)

Bugs Addressed in APPX 4.2.5 Relating to Design - Transfer

Bug #711: Design Tranfer Output/Inquiry inconsistent
Bug #753: Design Transfer - File Structure
Bug #1013: Design Transfer - Anticipates Target Name too early
Bug #1379: Design Transfer SCAN confusion crossing versions


Design - Utilities (4 bugs)

Bugs Addressed in APPX 4.2.5 Relating to Design - Utilities

Bug #1209: Xref blows up for files across applications
Bug #1213: XREF bug after editing referenced event point
Bug #1294: Standard Output process generation tool needs tweaking
Bug #1357: Sync Widgets utility updates Date/User Changed at process level


Design File Management (4 bugs)

Bugs Addressed in APPX 4.2.5 Relating to Design File Management

Bug #578: Export an Application (Single File Export) - Target with No Directory
Bug #579: Export an Application (Single File Export) - Target with New Directory
Bug #580: Import an Application - Single File
Bug #909: 17) Convert From Pre 4.1 to 4.1


DISAM (2 bugs)

Bugs Addressed in APPX 4.2.5 Relating to DISAM

Bug #835: 'This record already held by another user' unexpectedly encountered
Bug #863: REWRITE statement returns T but doesn't really rewrite


Documentation - 0-Apps (4 bugs)

Bugs Addressed in APPX 4.2.5 Relating to Documentation - 0-Apps

Bug #586: Item help on Named resouces does not match 4.2
Bug #887: Designer ILF Help
Bug #893: Cache Priority Help Screen Correction
Bug #1238: Input Default Key documentation is wrong


GUI - 0-Apps (1 bug)

Bugs Addressed in APPX 4.2.5 Relating to GUI - 0-Apps

Bug #1374: Design Analysis - Check for Item Overlap


ILF Interactive Debugger (2 bugs)

Bugs Addressed in APPX 4.2.5 Relating to ILF Interactive Debugger

Bug #595: Non standard Row/Col sizes don't work
Bug #1155: T/F Flags not visible when in trap mode


Install/Uninstall (1 bug)

Bugs Addressed in APPX 4.2.5 Relating to Install/Uninstall

Bug #543: Can't print anything after installation or upgrade


Java Client (27 bugs)

Bugs Addressed in APPX 4.2.5 Relating to Java Client

Bug #58: PDF output to client printer always prints on default printer
Bug #452: Java Client with large screens
Bug #551: Missing Graphical images - TMS, Main Menu with 32 rows
Bug #556: Changing screen Row/Col spec should not alter fundamental java display behavior
Bug #600: File Chooser Limited to One Row
Bug #623: Java client freeze
Bug #659: Java Client - Token Scan
Bug #677: Selected Record is not always 'selected'
Bug #782: Java Client Hangs
Bug #800: PREVious at a job step just does a pulldown
Bug #805: Must Click Option Twice
Bug #852: Duplicate Keyboard Shortcuts
Bug #891: Focus remains on date chooser button
Bug #962: Box unexpectedly drawn around image
Bug #972: END from pull-down menu leaves empty white box
Bug #976: F1-F12 not working on text fields
Bug #1022: Pulldown menu bug: Keyboard options RETURN and ESC (resp. END) have no effect in pulldown menu
Bug #1086: Java Client Image Editor text looks wrong
Bug #1088: Java Client font changes
Bug #1214: Cursor is not positioned where mouse is clicked in Image Editor
Bug #1222: SCAN in ILF-editor hangs task
Bug #1228: Backspace broken for ILF Editor Search
Bug #1230: 28x80 Client Startup Breaks Wallpaper
Bug #1270: Label value not displayed in image editor
Bug #1271: Pull-down list widget truncates table values if field is shortened
Bug #1372: Can't Enter Data in Scrolling Input
Bug #1377: LoadUrl does not expand pathname tokens like SendFile and RecvFile


Kit Build (3 bugs)

Bugs Addressed in APPX 4.2.5 Relating to Kit Build

Bug #1175: Cosmetic issue - appx.exe version display
Bug #1356: Wrong client version included
Bug #1383: Cosmetic? Full install shows 4.25b13 in Opt-99 vs


ODBC Interface (Windows) (1 bug)

Bugs Addressed in APPX 4.2.5 Relating to ODBC Interface (Windows)

Bug #1275: Asql doesn't find Database


RDBMS Interfaces (2 bugs)

Bugs Addressed in APPX 4.2.5 Relating to RDBMS Interfaces

Bug #438: RDBMS restructure ignores Field (Name) overrides.
Bug #1301: APPX ODBC fails to translate question mark to underscore


ReportWriter (SQL) (9 bugs)

Bugs Addressed in APPX 4.2.5 Relating to ReportWriter (SQL)

Bug #472: SQL - Report Writer - various issues
Bug #477: SQL- Report Writer Item Overlap
Bug #1047: SQL Report Writer requires c:\tmp
Bug #1055: Exporting Data from SQL is mangled
Bug #1106: Can't delete a query/report specification
Bug #1108: Tutorial pane missing - text incomplete
Bug #1165: Sort Duplicated in SQL
Bug #1235: Export Options are not respected
Bug #1241: Can't set disposition for old queries


Runtime - 0-Apps (15 bugs)

Bugs Addressed in APPX 4.2.5 Relating to Runtime - 0-Apps

Bug #671: Column headings clip report subheading
Bug #939: Auto Column Headings not right sometimes
Bug #1031: Standard Page Headings wrong on PDF output
Bug #1046: Query Date Mask ignored
Bug #1066: Scan doesn't return 1st record when is pressed
Bug #1159: Option Help Missing on Default 'Operational Phase' Menus
Bug #1160: --- GET ENV VAR limited to 22 characters
Bug #1192: Standard Subtotals not graphical for PDF output
Bug #1194: Appx Hangs When Canceling from Scan
Bug #1195: Non-integer query field re-displays blank for zero
Bug #1220: TEMP 80 contains garbage after scan
Bug #1246: Hangs trying to open SOP EP
Bug #1257: Select Path button missing in Scan
Bug #1293: Sending e-mail from Print on Screen doesn't include report
Bug #1404: Improper tooltip for Execute button on Select a Database


Runtime - APPX Engine (41 bugs)

Bugs Addressed in APPX 4.2.5 Relating to Runtime - APPX Engine

Bug #466: Too Many Error Messages
Bug #480: AT FIELD always 'F' in INQ if field Entry Level > 1
Bug #660: GUI Title Bar disappears
Bug #681: 'Option' spec ignored on Child Widgets
Bug #819: Automatic Recompile is NOT Happening Automatically
Bug #841: Passing Groups with Token field element fails to pass
Bug #850: Invalid Date(s)
Bug #851: 30 column scan fails
Bug #875: CNV TEXT corrupts memory when receving field too small
Bug #879: Display item sequence out of whack on generated subheading
Bug #906: Mod logs don't display occurrences correctly
Bug #907: Mod logs show deleted record values in wrong column
Bug #910: Printing of PDF files with Windows doesn't honor specified printer
Bug #911: Printing of PDF files with APPX/Windows doesn't honor APPX PRT SCRIPT
Bug #925: End of Process (Query Setup) EP does not always run
Bug #927: Trailing sign not honored for integer numeric field in output
Bug #935: Date Chooser Returns Blank Date
Bug #953: Runtime C-assert caused by exceeding maximum size in Output Image Editor
Bug #963: Can't select by keyboard on single-field-display file scans
Bug #1026: Scan fails with seg fault
Bug #1045: Automatic subtotal not properly aligned in PDF output
Bug #1076: Record locking/error message issue
Bug #1123: Scrolling Input missing record
Bug #1141: Windows Properties WIDGET not working when rows > Image (Menu)
Bug #1161: Invalid Window Size reported for centered windows
Bug #1179: Process Compiler Hangs
Bug #1182: Change mode while in key entry
Bug #1183: DLU from Record Selection Ignores DD Display Sequence
Bug #1189: Internal error encountered upon return from PDF tech doc
Bug #1202: SCAN unexpectedly modifies the values of the source fields
Bug #1206: Row position of item in Inquiry process can disrupt printing
Bug #1221: AT FIELD has no effect in Global Option Intercept event point
Bug #1237: Random system errors encountered running Tech Doc
Bug #1274: Usage log can overwrite system admin files
Bug #1281: Problems with query-constrained input processes
Bug #1306: Can't SCRATCH file via APPX/Net
Bug #1338: Can't hook 0LA STANDARD TOOLBARS
Bug #1339: TAP Checks Approval behaving badly
Bug #1373: Can't create UNC-based directories
Bug #1389: Next Record after end of file in Inquiry causes Position Undefined error


Runtime - PDF Output (91 bugs)

Bugs Addressed in APPX 4.2.5 Relating to Runtime - PDF Output

Bug #85: PDF Output - Invisible doesn't work
Bug #159: LABEL/PDF - ETCHED border not etched on hard copy
Bug #192: Frame/Image Widget Properties Border not based on Frame dimensions
Bug #193: Icons not printing for Window Properties
Bug #215: Box borders are barely visible
Bug #224: BOX widget doesn't honor Invisible? parameter on PDF output
Bug #263: Float Spaces loses or distorts data on PDF Output
Bug #273: PDF: Text item TEXT AREA widget not compressed
Bug #279: Box fill color overruns box boundary
Bug #298: PDF Output loses widgets if image has New Page Before
Bug #316: LABEL/PDF ETCHED borders w/color different from output image
Bug #324: PDF Picture scale doesn't print correctly
Bug #360: Data LABEL/PDF: Right margin is not honored on PDF Output
Bug #361: Data LABEL/PDF: Height/Width micro adjustments not honored on PDF Outpt
Bug #366: PDF Output - extra lines added to last frame on page
Bug #369: Data PICTURE/PDF: Icons do not print for alpha picture widgets
Bug #446: Resolution of some PDF label textual problems
Bug #479: Garbage prints for multi appearance fields
Bug #481: Trailing Blank Lines Compression doesn't work
Bug #482: Justification of multi line label doesn't work
Bug #500: LABEL/PDF: Change PDF Output to match Image Editor
Bug #504: Boxes with micro height adjustment are not WYSIWYG
Bug #506: Text wraps funny, adds extra blank line
Bug #614: Image 'Characteristics' don't print
Bug #625: Invisible attribute on label not working on PDF output
Bug #668: Missing label widget in Page-Start frame
Bug #672: PDF Output prints designer column headings under page head
Bug #785: PDF Output - Compression
Bug #853: Page-Start frame starting in Position >1 overwrites page heading
Bug #860: Trailing Blank Line not compressed on Page-Start image
Bug #900: Auto-Display question marks duplicated on Range-Start image
Bug #965: PDF Output dropping widgets
Bug #967: PDF Output not honoring Characteristics
Bug #980: PDF Output - Data Size Mask
Bug #995: Lines After on frame, not image, can cause blank page
Bug #1065: PDF Output doesn't work with codepage 950
Bug #1098: PDF Output not honoring right justification
Bug #1119: PDF Output won't compress widgets
Bug #1135: PDF Output putting garbage in work fields
Bug #1147: PDF Output not representing margins correctly
Bug #1151: Field under picture blows widgets away
Bug #1162: PDF Output corrupts page heading if Page-Start has compression and widgets
Bug #1163: PDF Output Print Beside behavior has deteriorated
Bug #1181: Right Justification truncates text
Bug #1184: Standard Grand Total generating page headings
Bug #1193: Standard page headings are broken for PDF Output
Bug #1205: Page Headings are sometimes missing the separator line
Bug #1215: Some row text may be missing on PDF Output
Bug #1239: Text item w. Text Area control does not fill col spec
Bug #1252: PDF Output not honoring micro adjustments on boxes
Bug #1253: PDF not printing correctly when blank lines are compressed
Bug #1254: New engine shrinking widgets too far
Bug #1255: Print Beside broken again
Bug #1258: Not all trailing blank lines are being compressed
Bug #1259: Token field print garbage
Bug #1260: Output Widgets do not honor transparency spec
Bug #1263: Auto totals printing erratically
Bug #1264: LINEDRAW Widgets should not shrink to fit contents
Bug #1265: PDF Output not honoring appearance numbers
Bug #1266: Ratio Formula not printing
Bug #1268: Range Totals don't honor sign space
Bug #1272: C-assert PDF end page: Unmatched save level
Bug #1273: Stacked widgets no longer honor Transparent = Y
Bug #1278: Compression distorts boxes
Bug #1284: Label text is unexpectedly 'wrapping'
Bug #1287: Vertical alignment of labels and data is off in PDF Output
Bug #1288: Picture widget with shrink Null not printing on PDF Output
Bug #1290: PDF Output hangs at runtime if PICTURE alpha item is blank
Bug #1291: Compression suppresses PICTURE alpha items with shrink Null
Bug #1292: Text Position of LABEL widgets behaving strangely
Bug #1295: PDF Output may not print some standard column headings
Bug #1296: Some widgets not printing at all
Bug #1298: Label widgets no longer honor right margin
Bug #1300: Numeric widgets with Text Position RIGHT not aligned properly
Bug #1308: Fill color not filling label completely
Bug #1309: Data LABEL widgets do not print for some Text Positions
Bug #1311: LABEL widget borders are shrunk for some text positions
Bug #1312: Data LABEL widget borders are shrunk for some text positions
Bug #1313: PDF Output may not print underscore character
Bug #1317: PDF Output can distort Page-Start image if Page-Start has compression and widgets
Bug #1322: PDF Output may not float spaces properly (#1)
Bug #1323: PDF Output may not float spaces properly (#2)
Bug #1324: Last frame on page duplicated
Bug #1325: PDF Output can encounter C-assert 2100 using Float Spaces
Bug #1326: Tiling Mode = Expand no longer working
Bug #1331: PDF Output deletes row text following '<' sign
Bug #1342: Float erratic on multiple fields
Bug #1350: PDF Output may not float spaces properly (##3)
Bug #1351: Bar code does not work with 4.2.5
Bug #1353: EMBEDDED compression has new problems under PDF Output
Bug #1364: PDF Box Label not Centered


Runtime - Proc Compiler (1 bug)

Bugs Addressed in APPX 4.2.5 Relating to Runtime - Proc Compiler

Bug #1348: Could not compile AT FIELD... if Appearance specified


System Administration (8 bugs)

Bugs Addressed in APPX 4.2.5 Relating to System Administration

Bug #52: Font spec on 'PDF' Form ignored by PDF output
Bug #707: Screens > 21 rows - Keymap Deletion
Bug #715: Language menu: Building Dictionary needs stop sign
Bug #856: Screens > 21 rows - Documentation Rights
Bug #1018: Spurious error message in Disposition at runtime
Bug #1330: Registration Screen not editable
Bug #1344: Inconsistent Default Mode
Bug #1407: SysAdmin 'Copy to Clipboard' Has Wrong Verif Codes


User interface (8 bugs)

Bugs Addressed in APPX 4.2.5 Relating to User interface

Bug #497: Print On Screen 'Title' Text Overlaps
Bug #727: Option Help - DISPOSITION
Bug #737: Toolbar Tool Tips Do Not Show Key Board Equivalents
Bug #767: Help Pop-Up Appearance - Full Screen versus Less than full
Bug #774: Hard to Get Item Help - Impossible in Option 98
Bug #968: Help Screen on PRINT ON SCREEN
Bug #1094: New Undocumented Relations Appear in Record Selection
Bug #1299: appx print defaults to MPAGE on non-linux servers


Winprint (1 bug)

Bugs Addressed in APPX 4.2.5 Relating to Winprint

Bug #513: Point size has different meanings depending on platform


New Widget Attribute - Shrink to Fit Content

In APPX 4.2.5, we have implemented a new output widget attribute - "Shrink to Fit Content". This widget attribute is a token and can have the following values:

The default value is currently <null> and all existing widgets will have this field set to <null> by the sync widget process.


A box widget is never shrunk so this new attribute does not apply.

Only widgets that have <null> or LEFT justification of the contents can be shrunk.

If blank line compression is specified on a frame, APPX will vertically shrink all widgets on the image that have a <null> specification for the "Shrink to Fit Content" spec.

If float spaces is specified for any item (field) on an image, APPX will horizontally shrink all widgets on the image that have a <null> specification for the "Shrink to Fit Content" spec.

If a widget has no contents, it will effectively "disappear" if shrunk.

The "Shrink to Fit Content" attribute is used to tell the output processor to "shrink" the defined size of a widget to match the contents of the widget. When a widget shrinks, the anchor point (row and column) for the widget does not change. When shrinking horizonally, the right border of the widget will move to the left until it reaches a non-blank column. When shrinking vertically, the bottom of the widget will move up until it reaches a non-blank row. After shrinking, the resulting widget size will always be some number of full rows and full columns. In other words, a widget that has been shrunk will not have a size consisting of a fractional number of rows or columns.

The "Shrink to Fit Contents" attribute is useful when using two specific output process design features, "Float Spaces" and compression of blank lines.

When float spaces is specified for an item in character mode, the item is shifted to the left until it is positioned the specified number of "spaces" to the right of the text of the preceding item. When designing for PDF output, items may have widgets defined. Float spaces can be used to position an item (and its widget) a specified number of spaces to the right of the preceding object (text, item, item/widget, or widget). If the preceding "object" is a widget or an item/widget, it should be "shrunk" horizontally so that an item that has float spaces specified is able to be shifted farther to the left and closer to the rightmost contents of the preceding widget. If a preceding widget is not shrunk, then the item that follows can only float relative to the defined right boundary of the widget.

When blank line compression is specified, rows that are "covered" by a widget cannot be compressed away even if the widget is empty or partially empty. If blank line compression is specified, then partially filled widgets should be "shrunk" vertially to fit their contents thereby reducing the vertical size of the widget and allowing blank rows to be compressed.


Known Bug - Appearances in PDF Output

A newly introduced bug in APPX 4.2.5 has created a situation where multiple appearances are not currently supported for text fields within PDF output. It used to work in 4.2.4 but unfortunately it no longer works.

We recognize that this will break some existing applications that use PDF output. If two appearances of a text field appear on the same image, both will print the same value. The work-around for designers is to replace the multiple appearances with work fields or other values until this is corrected in a future release or patch.



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