Quotes by APPX Customers

Here's what some APPX customers have to say:

Gary DeWitt, MIS Director, Florida's Natural Growers, Inc.

"APPX has allowed us to maintain an Information Services operating budget that is less than half of the national average for our industry. Lower costs in I.S. translate to greater competitiveness. Previously, development schedules were reported in man-years of effort. Today, we provide meaningful solutions in days and weeks! With APPX, we've reduced our software backlog to near zero, and we are able to quickly fine tune business applications to meet changing market conditions."

Steve Rikley, MIS Manager, Fernlea Nurseries, Ltd.

"We did an extensive search for products to run on the NT platform. What we found was that it came down to functionality. Nothing beats APPX!"

Paul Kadue, President, Precision Associates, Inc.

"We have become more efficient due to APPX."

Germain Henri, Chef Informatique, Philippe Pinel Institute of Montreal

"APPX 4.1 will allow the Institute the accomplish much more with the Oracle database currently in use. Together they offer a more stable and secure environment. I have been extremely pleased with APPX's performance."

Mary Zaremba, Principal Accountant, New York State Office of General Services

"Using APPX has enabled us to do more with a smaller work force."

Brian Horton, VP Information Technology, Swisher International, Inc.

"APPX has helped our business run smoother by enabling us to integrate many new technologies into our existing applications, thereby eliminating the need to redesign them or replace them completely. It has greatly increased user satisfaction due to dramatically reduced response time, and has enabled us to react quickly to the ever-changing needs of our business and our users."

Chris Lokey, Vice President, Lokey Iron & Alloy, Inc.

"We are so satisfied with APPX Software. We think the world of the product!"

Martha Diemer, Systems Project Lead, The Port of Seattle

"APPX is the most cost effective development tool compared with any other development product available. Our programmers are able to enhance the applications very quickly and easily. It's my favorite tool. I pick APPX."

Lori Carroll, Accountant, State of Montana Property & Supply Bureau

"The Property & Supply Bureau has been using APPX for many years. We have made modifications both large and small with ease. This is one of the main reasons we use APPX and plan on continuing to use it for years to come."