APPX Magic - Keys to the Kingdom

This special training class is being offered for the first time in conjunction with our 2011 conference, APPX 20th BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION. It is a 3-day class, consisting of several major topics, including a series of programming tips and techniques, special features, and items of interest to any and all APPX Application Designers, or those interested in exactly how to accomplish some "APPX Magic". Here is an overview of the topics to be covered (subject to change):

  • Intuitive Input Process Design
    • Navigation without the keyboard
    • Taming the APPX execution cycle
    • No options, no functions
  • Electronic Forms Creation and Distribution
    • Eliminating pre-printed forms
    • E-mailing individual output results
    • Archiving documents
  • Menu Magic
    • Designing maintainable menus
    • Global pull-down menus
    • Menu special effects
  • Mastering Desktop Integration
    • Launching desktop applications
    • Uploading and downloading files
  • Other Topics (as time allows)
    • Using the new Subroutine Library
    • Source Code Control
    • Dynamic hooked processes
    • Database optimization
    • File recovery tools

Dates: October 24-26, 2011 Location: Marriott Courtyard Orlando, Lake Buena Vista at Marriott Village Cost: $1500 per student For more information, e-mail, or call Training Director Gary Rogers at 1-800-879-2779 or 1-904-880-5560, x2485.