Selvage Custom Software

Selvage Custom Software
12607 Kirkham Road
Louisville, KY 40299

Telephone: (502) 419-6483    
Fax: (413) 556-0440
Sales Contact: John Selvage

Target Markets:

Telecom (in particular long-distance resellers), back-office accounting, sales, inventory, employee benefits

Vertical Applications:

Selvage Custom Software's Telecom Management System for Long Distance Resellers

Selvage Custom Software provides a variety of services to a diverse set of clients throughout the eastern United States. Our services include platform migration, programming, general consulting, and out-sourced systems administration for smaller companies. We have expertise in areas such as telecommunications, airline fleet management, physician recruitment, commodities trading, employee benefits, and general back-office accounting.

Of course, as an official Value-Added Reseller of APPX Software, we offer migration services from just about any platform (including APPX's predecessor, Speed II) to the APPX environment to provide a more mobile and flexible platform for your applications to run on.

Because many of our staff members are trained in engineering disciplines, we understand that the solution to a problem is not just a matter of writing software. At Selvage Custom Software, we take a "big-picture" approach to solving a given problem, and the results are solutions that fit your company's unique needs - sometimes without writing a single line of code.

Selvage Custom Software is pleased to announce the introduction of its new vertical product, Telecom Management System for Long Distance Resellers.

This product allows small- to medium-sized long distance resellers to quickly come to market with their services, offering modules that provide order provisioning with carriers, call rating, commissioning, and third-party billing interfacing. Because it is written in the versatile APPX application development environment, TMS can be customized to fit the needs of just about any company interested in providing long-distance products to its customers -- without having to spend the 7- to 8-figure dollar amounts that are generally associated with the industry-standard packages.