APPX Desktop Products 4.2.3



APPX Release 4.2.3

Release Date: March 16, 2004


The products listed on this page are used when connecting a desktop client computer to a server where APPX is installed and licensed. In a single-user installation, the appropriate Server Release should be installed first, followed by these optional add-on products.


APPX Java Client (for Windows®, Linux, MacIntosh OSX)

The APPX Java Client is the standard desktop connection to APPX. This auto-installer will detect the desktop and provide the correct files.





APPX/ODBC Server (for Windows only)
This optional product allows Windows application clients (such as DI-Diver, Microsoft Excel®, Microsoft Access®, and Crystal Reports) to view and operate upon AppxIO datafiles. Further information and instructions are available here. File size is 11.0M.  





APPX in a Browser (Microsoft Internet Explorer® 5.0 or higher only)
  • Note: These files are not yet available. They will be uploaded shortly.
These aren't really desktop products, but rather files that are installed on the web server to be automatically downloaded to the client desktop of users connecting in. Select the format that's appropriate for your server.

IE5 Cab Files in ZIP format 

IE5 Cab files in TGZ format








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