Management Data, Inc.


Management Data, Inc.
2060 Oak Mountain Drive
Suite 200
Pelham, AL  35124


Telephone: (205) 378-1380
Fax: (205) 378-1381
Sales contact: Pat Michael,
Areas of specialty: Insurance and Financial Services, including life insurance, health insurance, annuity providers, banks.


MDI provides policy administration software and services for insurance companies and banks offering insurance products. MDI's premier product is FIMMAS , the Flexible Insurance Marketing, Management, and Administration System.

FIMMAS is a full-function, on-line administration system for the support of individual and group life, health, and annuity insurance products. FIMMAS supports Universal, interest-sensitive, and traditional life, disability, health, and annuity products with streamlined entry of new business, multiple billing options, flexible commission structures, and web-enabled access to detailed current and historical information at the client, policy,
agent, and transaction level. Its flexible structure and rules-based, table-driven design facilitates support for the complex, hybrid, non-traditional insurance products that are increasingly important in today's customer-driven marketplace. New product definitions can be "cloned" from existing ones for quick response to market demands.

FIMMAS is client-based. The FIMMAS client database consolidates information about current and former clients, prospects, agents, or anyone with an important relationship to your company. Home office staff, field offices, agencies, customer service satellites - all authorized users can access the same up-to-date information.

Extensive user exits simplify the addition of specialized functions into the FIMMAS base system. Trained business analysts can tailor screens and menus to match each company's procedures and terminology. Source code is optionally available. This flexibility reduces support and modification costs, and gives you control over the timing and format of changes.

FIMMAS runs in a client / server environment, with a LINUX, UNIX, or Windows NT® operating system on an Intel-based or RISC  processor. It uses industry-standard network protocols and PC workstations, and supports Oracle, Sybase, SQL Server®, and other databases. The same FIMMAS application code can support a few users or hundreds of users without reprogramming.  



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