SPEED II 7.03.02 Release Notes

SPEED II Release 7.03.02


Installation Information Maintenance (input function) would cancel with a 'Fatal error file is not open or field is in a file that does not exist' if either a Cancel Menu or a Direct Menu were entered. The function would also cancel and return to the menu if you attempted to SCAN from the Application ID field for either the Cancel Menu or Direct Menu fields. This problem began with SPEED II Release 07.03.01 and has been corrected with this release. (ECR 4541)



If a designer attempted to create a Disposition Function which would run in Background and create Comma Delimited Output the system would not allow the function to be created unless at least one of the 'Screen', 'Printer', or 'WP Document ID' fields was 'Y'.

At run time SPEED II would report an error indicating that these three fields all had to be 'N' for Comma Delimited Output. This problem has been corrected.


If the same field is used on multiple input/output functions and in some cases it includes the group character and in others it does not the report may list overlaps which do not exist or it may omit overlaps which do exist. This is a known problem which has NOT been corrected in this release. (ECR 4532)