SPEED II 7.00.00 Release Notes

SPEED II Release 7.0

The SPEED II 7.0 Release Notes summarize the enhancements and other modifications made to SPEED II since the last release and include important information about SPEED II that was unavailable when the documentation went to print. These release notes include:

  • What's New in SPEED II 7.0
  • Issues Resolved in SPEED II 7.0


What's New in SPEED II 7.0?

For SPEED II Designers:
  • Enhanced the Data Base Management facility to support domains. A Designer may now define the field type in a Domain record, which may be referenced when defining fields within Files or Work Fields. Domains are similar to SAME AS fields and provide a central depository of data types.
  • Modified the Change All References facility to allow multiple sets of changes to be entered before the changes are made. The Designer may batch changes and implement them all together.
  • Updated the Query function to allow the use of computed values, which permits the Designer to define how a field is computed and to use that field as part of the Sort/Selection function and the Output function.
  • Added the Query Generator function to the Execute Query screen, which allows Queries to be generated more easily.
  • Enhanced the Sort function so that sort setup information is now placed into three memory files (MSFN, MSLT, and MSRT) at the end of Sort Setup so it is available for the Designer to print on a report or to use for some other purpose. In addition, the Sort Setup step may now be omitted if the Designer produces the three files prior to executing the Sort step, so that Designers may format their own Sort Setup input functions or obtain the Sort Setup information from sources other than the keyboard.
  • Added an Overlapping Fields report to the Documentation menu to search applications for fields which have grown in size and are overlapping other fields on Input or Output windows.
  • Added a Find Application Links report to the Documentation menu to search the current application for any references to other applications.
  • Enhanced the Startup Job function to allow a Designer to specify a single job to be run at startup. Once this job has completed SPEED II will end. This feature is only available if SPEED II is run from a procedure and can only run a single job. It is accessible from the new GETPARM screen which is only available to procedures. The PRNAME is "OPTION" and the following three parameters are required:
    • COMPANY - 3 alpha characters to indicate a valid company ID
    • APP - 3 alpha characters to indicate a valid application ID
    • JOB - 30 alpha characters to indicate the Job to run. Must be a valid Job in the specified application.
For SPEED II Users:
  • Added the following to the Disposition screen:
    • Option to indicate whether 'Comma Delimited Output' is desired


    • Option to assign the Filename, Library, and/or Volume for the output file.
    • Option to select whether or not the print file should be scratched from the Local system after spooling to a Remote system (requires a Wang VS OS 7.30 or above).
    • Option to assign the File Class for the print file.
    • Option to determine what action SPEED II should take when the output file already exists (i.e.Append, Scratch Old, Make a Unique Name).
  • Modified the Comma Delimited Output to produce a consecutive file containing the data which would have printed (with no headings or literals) in a format that may be imported by many PC programs. The output produced is similar to that produced when a WP merge document is requested.
For SPEED II System Administrators:
  • Enhanced the Installation Configuration facility so that a site may disable the use of the Special I/O mode. Note: This field should NOT be set to 'N' unless you have the Wang Resource Sharing Facility installed.
  • Added several new fields to the Installation Configuration facility to allow the defaulting of the Print File Class and SPOOLSCR parameter.


Issues Resolved in SPEED II 7.0

For SPEED II Designers:
  • Enhanced the Design Transfer facility tosupport"#" characters in the TO filename and to transfer all Query functions.
  • Updated the Change All References facility for Query functions to change the commands associated with the Output and Sort functions whose names are being changed.
  • Modified the RUN command to reference a Job invoked via the RUN command in the ILF code.
  • Enhanced the Field Cross Reference report facility to report references to all fields in a command.