Berrot Consulting Limited

Berrot Consulting Limited
2445 Bayview Ave.
Toronto, ON M2L 1A5

Telephone: (416) 520-6145
Sales Contact: Robert Spitz
Applications: Union Administration, Grievance Administration, Membership Accounting, Financial Accounting

Berrot Consulting is a computer firm that believes in providing a personable and efficient service to our clientele. It is crucial for users to feel comfortable in their computer environment to ensure its optimum usage. We can achieve this by respecting our clients, listening to their concerns and helping them to understand how they can obtain the maximum efficiency from their computer system. Our role is to act as a conduit to their computer and to ensure its smooth operation. Berrot Consulting successfully maintains longstanding relationships with its clientele to ensure their computer and business requirements are of the highest standards. This includes maintaining a knowledge base that enables us to grow with our clients’ needs and to offer new approaches to their information requirements. We are a company with diversified interests; however, the common thread is our belief in providing a comprehensive service to our customers, to guide the customer through the computerization process and to help ensure that the results are meaningful to the end users.