Emergency Licenses thru OCSS

Do you need an APPX License for an emergency system-down situation? Be sure to have a copy of your current APPX Registration Key, and click this icon:

APPX Customer Emergency Registration

NOTE: Clicking this link may install or update your Java release and APPX client release.

The Online Customer Support System allows customers on maintenance to generate their own emergency “system-down” temporary registrations whenever needed. Customers current on maintenance need do nothing to be eligible for this program. It is available if and when they need it on a 24x7 basis to better accommodate any potential emergencies that customers may face.

If a customer’s system crashes, or other circumstances occur that require an emergency registration, a temporary registration, valid for 7 days on an alternate machine, may be obtained electronically at no charge to the customer. The customer can continue working on the situation while any necessary arrangements for a revised permanent registration are processed through normal channels.

The system requires that the customer enter the 20-digit verification code from a valid, active permanent registration, or a non-expired temporary registration. Promotional registrations, evaluation registrations, or prior emergency registrations do not qualify, and the system will check to ensure that maintenance is current on the registration (with a grace period of 90 days).

A valid serial number is required for the new CPU, and the name and e-mail address of the person requesting the registration must also be entered. Registrations will be e-mailed to the address provided, and optionally to other addresses as well. Customers may also choose to print a hard copy of the registration on their local printers and/or view it on their screens.

This system is to be used for emergency system-down situations only, not for evaluation, development, testing or other such purposes. Any customer who misuses the system is subject to having their access terminated.

  • To access the system, customers should just click the ambulance icon above.


Alternate Access Method

If, for some reason, the above link doesn't work for you, you can install and use APPX Desktop Client to connect to the Online Customer Support System, via a remote connection with the following parameters:


Login: appxcust
Password: appxcust
ServerPort: 8090