APPX Server 4.2.a on Microsoft Windows®



APPX Release 4.2.a

Release Date: January 3, 2007


As with all new software releases, it is recommended practice to install, run, and thoroughly test the new release in a test environment, before replacing your current live system. And, of course, complete backups prior to any software upgrade are always a good idea.

Please note that there are a few additional steps that must be performed after installing APPX 4.2.x. Refer to the Installation Instructions for details.

Special Installation Note: If upgrading to this release from APPX 4.2.7 or prior releases, the installer must scratch two files:

  • $APPXPATH/0SA/Struct/PRINTER.dat

(Be sure to note the different paths to the files!) The installer should then run APPX and go to System Admin File Management and run create files to create a new key file for the PRINTER file.


Release Notes
Installation Instructions
APPX for Windows®*
Required 32.3MB



*APPX for Windows download file now includes the APPX Desktop Client


For additional information, supported customers at silver level or above may contact
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Prior Releases

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