APPX Server 4.1.9 Solaris


SUN Solaris


APPX Release 4.1.9

Release Date: October 15, 2001


*** Important Note: APPX 4.1.9 for Solaris is under technical review. We recommend that customers upgrade only to 4.1.8 at this time. The links below will install Release 4.1.8.

*** Minimum System Requirements: Solaris 8 or SunOS 5.8, drive space 146MB, system memory 160MB, Sparc 10 processor

Release Notes
Recommended 3.7K
Unix Install Script
Recommended 12.9K
Common Unix Files
Required 20.6K
Risc Data Files
Required 17.2M
Solaris Executables
Required .8
Solaris Linkables
Optional 2.0



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