APPX Server 4.1.3 Release Notes

Bugs Fixed in Patch Release 4.1.3

  • When SETting a TEXT field equal to a Group of fields specified by a GROUP HEADER, if the destination length - source length > 256, the leftover pad bytes will no longer contain garbage. (#5450)
  • Executing a query, followed by an update, followed by a query, followed by an update no longer produces an ORA-01007 if the two update processes are using different partial-record I/O fields. (#5458)
  • Executing a REWRITE using a partial-record does not cause an ORA-24345 error when the rewrite occurs on a PCF which is constrained by a query and the query uses the entire record. (#5459)
  • A query which constrains the leading part of an alpha field (using GE and LE) will pick up records where the field begins with the specified value. The query was including the trailing blanks when comparing key values. (#5463)
  • Mixing partial-record I/O with data lookups will not cause a data lookup to fail. When reading a partial record and then trying to do a data lookup to the same file, the data lookup would inherit the partial-record group from the READ statement. If the partial-record group did not include the required display fields, the data lookup appeared to fail. (#5468)
  • Using an Alpha field defined with a Graphical Attributes type of PICTURE does not cause Appx system errors at runtime.