Basic Steps for Initial Setup - Gen Subsidiary

General Subsidiary setup checklist. Initial Setup procedures are designed to establish master file records and to facilitate transfer of existing records.

Read license and accept conditions to continue.

Step 1: File Maintenance

Application General Ledger (TGL) must be installed prior to setting up General Subsidiary.

From the initial setup phase, General Subsidiary Main menu, Maintenance Pull-down Menu, select desired functions to initialize files.

Setup Master Files:

  • Parameters (Required)
  • Setup Subsidiary Codes (Optional)
  • Setup Sub Codes by Account (Optional)

Files marked as ‘Required’ must be established during Initial Setup. The remaining files can be set up now or during Live Operations. The optional files only need to be set up if they apply to your company.

Step 2: Opening Entries

Enter transactions as they pertain to your company.

Step 3: Run Process Initial Setup

When you have finished the previous steps, your are ready to run Process Initial Setup (found under Processing on the Opening Entries pull down menu). Here the system checks that the required records have been entered properly and creates an error log if any errors are found. In that case, you should correct the error(s), reprint and review the appropriate Initial Setup reports, and then run Process Initial Setup again.

Step 4: End Initial Setup

The final step in Initial Setup. It can only be run after Process Initial Setup has been completed with no errors. Once Initial setup has ended, the system begins Live Operations for this application.