Application Overview

Commission Accounting is designed to track the commissions earned by your company's salespeople.

Application features include the following:

  • Allows optional flow-through of sales commissions from Accounts Receivable or Order Entry during Invoices Post
  • Permits direct entry of sales commissions with optional flow-through to the Sales Analysis application
  • Offers option of transferring sales commissions to Accounts Payable or Payroll for payment
  • Offers option of transferring sales commission information in summary or detail form
  • Allows adjustments to posted sales commissions
  • Enables editing of pay status of posted sales commissions before payment
  • Provides for holding payment of a sales commission until the invoice generating the commission has been paid by the customer in Accounts Receivable
  • Offers three methods of computing commission amounts: by selling price, by product from Inventory Control, or by gross margin
  • Maintains sales, costs, and commissions history by month for each salesperson