Zurdo Software, S.A.

Zurdo Software, S.A.
Calle Las Ixoras

Local No. 70
Albrook, Ancón

Panama City, Panama

Telephone: +507 315 0844


+507 6640 6583


info.zurdosoft@gmail.com  OR  ruthelenajulio@hotmail.com

Sales Contact:

Ruth Elena Julio



Zurdo Software is an organization oriented to the development and support of business applications. They offer specialized systems development, technical support, communications and networks services. The team is composed of four engineers with over 25 years of accumulated experience in the development of software solutions, commercial applications, conversions, and other specialties. Zurdo Software uses a "Total Satisfaction" approach in its organization and operation. They apply the concept of "Continuous Improvement" to their customers, which includes guaranteeing the functionality of their systems and monitoring quality and productivity improvement. Zurdo Software has created several applications for the Insurance, Banking and Manufacturing industries. They have been working with APPX for over 10 years.