Special Forms

The APPX Business Applications are designed to print special forms such as customer statements and invoices on a laser printer. Most special forms are designed to be printed on blank, letter size paper. However, many special forms can also be printed on preprinted forms that are available from NEBS. Some forms such as checks, W-2 forms, and 1099 forms must be printed on preprinted forms. The Bill of Lading is a multi-part form and is designed to be printed on a matrix or impact printer.

The following table summarizes the printing choices and provides the form source if a preprinted form is available:

Form Description Preprinted Form Plain Paper?
A/R Customer Statements NEBS #13155 Yes
A/R Invoices NEBS #13054 Yes
A/R Dunning Letters N/A Yes
Customer Rolodex Cards Rolodex #67620 No
A/P Checks NEBS LM275 No
1099 Forms (Generic) No
Payroll Checks NEBS LM341 No
A/P Purchase Order NEBS #13132 Yes
W-2 Forms (Generic) No
Shipping Papers NEBS #13206 Yes
Sales Order NEBS #13432 Yes
O/E Invoice NEBS #13343 Yes
Customer Mailing Labels Avery #8162 No
Bill of Lading NEBS #13650 No