Special Considerations

Before beginning Initial Setup, you need to consider several options that may affect your system's operation. The Special Considerations section includes a discussion of accounting design issues and some optional features, which allow you to tailor your system to your particular organization. The following pages describe these system options.

Content of Postings to Sales Analysis

The content or "detail," which is contained in the postings generated for Sales Analysis, is based upon entries in master files in Accounts Receivable, Commission Accounting, and Inventory Control. Sales Analysis identifies transactions by a combination of customer, salesperson, and product. For each customer, you can either separately identify sales transactions, or you can group sales with the sales transactions of other "nondetail" customers as a unit. You have the same option with each salesperson and each product. In Accounts Receivable, this choice is indicated in the Post To Sales Analysis? field on the Customers record. In Inventory Control, the Post Detail to SA? field is located on the Product record. In Commission Accounting, the Post To Sales Analysis? field is found on the Salesperson's record.

For a transaction with a nondetail customer, product, and salesperson, no posting will be made to Sales Analysis. For an individual transaction record to be posted to Sales Analysis, at least one of these fields must be set to `Y'. If Order Entry, Inventory Control, or Accounts Receivable is not a part of your system, the salesperson, product, or customer record will not be available to indicate detail or nondetail postings. In this case, the system will assume you are keeping detail. For example, if your system does not include Inventory Control, but you do enter a product number on the Accounts Receivable invoice record, the transaction posting to Sales Analysis will reflect the product number entered, not a blank. (The only exception would occur if the customer and salesperson were both nondetail. The system will not create a Sales Analysis posting solely on the basis of an assumed detail selection relating to a nonexistent application.)