Basic Steps for Initial Setup - System Module

Your appx BANG! Business Applications are ready to run and/or customize. We hope that you have explored the Demo Company database, to learn as much as you can about the applications. Now, let's begin setting up your own company.

If you are looking at the original start-up menu, simply select "Create a New Company". If you are in the Demo Company (or any other company) already, choose the "Create a New Company" option in the File pull-down menu.

Enter basic company information, including a unique three-character Company ID code (remember that appx BANG! allows you to set up as many companies as you like). Press OK when the screen is complete.

After a few moments, you will be presented with the main appx BANG! application menu with your new company name displayed at the bottom. There are two files that require your attention in the Initial Setup phase of this System Module.

From the Utilities pull-down menu, select each of the following reference files and add or modify data as appropriate.

  • Countries
    (Hint: if you're in the USA or Canada, you don't need to do anything here.)
  • System Parameters
    (Hint: Select your country, if the default value is not correct.) 

Note: If you would like your company logo to be automatically printed on various reports and forms, save your logo as a .png file in:

  • /usr/loca/appx/data/04/TSY/Resource/companylogo.png (replace existing file)

Now, select "End Initial Setup" from the Utilities menu.