Application Overview

The Budget Analysis application provides you with the capability to create multiple sets of budgets for each account, for each fiscal year. For example, you may have different versions for last year’s budget, proposed budget, revised budget, and approved budget all on line at the same time.

Utilities are available to create budgets, copy budgets, and delete budgets. A budget can be defined as a fixed amount or variable amount depending on user-defined relationships. Reports and inquiry functions provide the means to list budget information and to compare budget information against actual account balances. One set of budgets can also be compared to another set of budgets.

Variable budget capabilities allow you to determine budget amounts based on a relationship of accounts and/or amounts rather than just fixed amounts. For example, you may want to establish a sales projection for the next three months based on a percentage of the actual sales for the last 3 months. Or you might want to establish the expense budget for “Division 10” as the ratio of (last year sales for Division 10 / last year sales for all divisions) * (total expense budget). These variable budget relationships are all user-defined.

Utilities are available to put budget information into formats that are acceptable to graphics software and spreadsheets. In particular, you can transfer budgets to spreadsheet software and update your budget information with the output of the modified spreadsheet.