Application Overview

The Inventory Control application provides for daily transaction processing for material requisitions, product and warehouse transfers, adjustments, and inventory receipts. Physical inventory counts can be entered from physical count sheets or through tags entry and processing. If desired, inventory can be adjusted to the physical count. A variety of reports can be produced, including the following:

  • Stock Status Report
  • Unused Items Report
  • Reorder Report
  • Sales Analysis by Product
  • Sales Analysis by Warehouse
  • Sales Analysis by Product Class
  • Product Purchase History
  • Vendor Purchase History
  • Request for Supplier Quote
  • Inflation Report
  • Inventory Value Report
  • Market Value Report
  • LIFO/FIFO Purchases Detail

Inquiry functions are available to display inventory and warehouse quantities, product sales prices and costs, price and purchase history, alternate products and vendors, and customer discounts.

Inventory Control can also print product price catalogs, with or without the average cost percentage mark-up for products at each sales price break.

Utilities are provided to change purchase prices; to edit product numbers on all affected records; to reset open requisitions, on order quantities, and committed quantities based on open requisitions, purchase orders and sales orders, respectively; and to generate product ABC classes. Functions are also provided to generate reorder records once product quantities reach a given reorder point, and to generate purchase order entry records from the reorder records